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THE BOXING industry came out yesterday against a planned bill to impose a minimum age on the sport, saying Thai boxing did not pose a physical threat to children. Child boxers from five to nine years old interviewed by the committee said they were not afraid to box, and even wanted to do it every day. They claimed regular boxing did not affect their studies or harm their brains or disable them, although they were often hurt in the ring. Parents and boxing promoters said young pugilists could help earn money for their families, getting up to Bt6,000 per fight and fighting two to three times a month. Being preoccupied with training helped keep those children away from drug addiction.

Bergens Avisen


TODAY NEARLY all Norwegians have the money to eat well several times a day. The price of food may be a contributing factor to the increasing number of overweight people. The director of one supermarket said he had no plans to increase prices in order to help fat customers. "No, we think that people should be able to choose what they want to eat, but if obesity is a serious problem it is up to the authorities to set guidelines. The price of fruit and vegetables could, for example, be reduced."