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MOST PEOPLE who go out to sea on the weekends will have seen maybe one or two of these playful animals, but will have mistaken them for the the Humpback dolphin, which is more common in the shallow waters of Arabia. Common Dolphins prefer to stay in the deeper waters of the Arabian Gulf. Elsewhere in the world these playful mammals can be found swimming in groups of up to 2,000 individuals. They are very active in the water and when travelling they will often jump clear of the water, especially when they are having fun by "bow-riding". This is when the dolphins ride the wave that is created at the front of a fast-moving boat. In Bahrain, many of these and other dolphins are in danger of being trapped in long, illegal drift nets that still dredge the sea clean of all life.

The Nation


SIXTY PER cent of girls in the 240,000 primary schools in Bungoma District drop out of school due to early pregnancies and marriages, education officer Mrs Monica Kangathi said when addressing parents, teachers and students at the launch of the child-girl programme. The Ministry of Education has taken an initiative to enlighten parents on the need to give girls an equal opportunity to pursue their studies.