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IMAGINE BUNDLING a goat into the back seat of a Perodua Kancil. Two thieves who went one better by packing a second goat into the boot were arrested by police in Pasir Putih yesterday after being tipped off by an eyewitness. The comedy of errors began when the men, aged 30 and 35, passed a field where the goats were grazing about 6pm. Thinking no one was watching them, they caught a goat and packed it into the car. They sped off after catching another goat and putting it in the boot. Little did they realise that their antics were being watched by a labourer in the vicinity who promptly alerted the police to the theft. The men were arrested at their houses in Kampung Medang - but the goats, valued at RM250 each, were nowhere to be found.

Toronto Sun Canada

FIVE JET-SETTING members of one of the world's top roulette cheat teams who were busted at Casino Niagara have pleaded guilty and will be grounded for three months. The group was nabbed following a chase outside the casino. They cheated by distracting the croupier. The Italian cheats were begging to be deported yesterday to attend the opening of a new casino in Italy this week.