Monitor: All the News of the World - The American press considers the case for deploying ground troops in the Balkans

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THE MISSION is justifiable. The leadership is contemptible. The Clinton administration is now flat out lying to the American people and the world when it says it is still ruling out the use of ground troops.

There will be ground troops in Kosovo. It is either that or an end to this mission all together - which would mean the end of the Nato alliance and a humiliation for the United States.

If a tin-pot monster like Slobbo Milosevic is allowed to defy the democratic West on a matter that is strictly humanitarian in nature, there's no telling what lesson more dangerous copper-pot dictators will glean from Nato's defeat.

New York Post

COULD THE job be done in the Balkans? The answer is probably yes.

But nobody can pretend it would be easy, and it would almost certainly require a level of commitment that would leave America with only paper defences elsewhere.

The Detroit News

IN KOSOVO, as in Bosnia, the major powers that are committed to humanitarian action to protect civilian victims seem to be looking for a quick-fix solution that isn't possible.

Bombing alone will not end the ethnic cleansing, but ground forces will. Nato governments are reluctant to commit ground forces in Kosovo.

And past experience reveals that politicians, though they may say the right things, do not necessarily do them. The longer Nato waits, the higher the level of victimisation.

The Chicago Tribune

WHATEVER THE damage the air campaign has done to the Serbian military, it has failed to stop President Slobodan Milosevic's marauding militias from a genocidal assault against a largely defenseless Kosovar population. Stopping the systematic slaughter of innocent civilians underway in Kosovo - while it is still possible to save lives - will require ground forces. When we have the capacity to prevent ethnic cleansing at an acceptable cost in blood and treasure, and when others are willing to join us, we should be willing to do so.

The Washington Post