Monitor: All the News of the World - The French and the US press comment on the American victory in the Tour de France

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THERE WAS a handful of names of possible winners of the Tour de France before the set off from Puy-du-Foy three weeks ago. But once the course was under way, Armstrong didn't hesitate to enlighten the indecisive. Today the tour is a tour of transition "Those who think that nothing has changed are wrong, those who think that everything has changed are wrong too," said the sports minister, Marie-George Buffet. Doping has receded, certainly, but average speed has increased! (Lionel Chami)

Le Parisien

ARMSTRONG'S VICTORY was popular on both sides of the Atlantic, despite allegations from part of the French media that his success must be the result of performance-enhancing drugs. European fans who stood at the sides of the Tour's many roads this month said they knew about his comeback and were cheering for him to win both the race and his fight against cancer. (Samuel Abt)

The New York Times

WITHOUT THE slightest argument, the strongest racer won the race. He forged his victory with his head as well as with his legs, with the same force, the same courage and the same confidence he used to conquer his cancer. He had absolutely no trouble with the Metz against-the-watch leg and superbly mastered his adversaries in the mountains.The Texan won the Tour like a mighty one. Lance "The Miracle" as he terms himself, is the number one of the 1999 Tour.

Le Figaro

THERE WAS no suspense for Armstrong, only victory, relief, celebration and reflection. He had all but clinched the Tour five days earlier, long before he led 140 other cyclists into downtown Paris on Sunday and on to the renowned Champs-Elysees. Armstrong's final commanding victory margin of seven minutes, 37 seconds scarcely mattered. The significance was that Armstrong's victory, in the shadow of the historic Arc de Triomphe, was the ultimate exclamation point in his 18-month comeback from testicular cancer.

(Brad Townsend)

Dallas Morning News