Monitor: All the News of the World - The Sunday newspapers reflect on Glenn Hoddle's remarks about disabled people

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STRUGGLING ENGLAND soccer manager Glenn Hoddle's belief that handicapped people are being punished for their appalling conduct in previous lives is plain potty.

But it makes you wonder what Glenn will be next time round. England football manager?

News of the World

FOOTBALL, THE preferred sport of New Labour, remains one area where the modernisers have yet to make an impact. They may talk football, but they haven't yet reformed it. New Labour, of all parties, would not have allowed Mr Hoddle, the chief ambassador for the game, to go so off-message. He would have been told to keep his beliefs to himself, and a spin doctor would have been dispatched.

Hoddle has caused embarrassment to his employers, the FA, and David Davies, co-author of My 1998 World Cup Story. Bill Shankly once said: "Football's not a matter of life and death. It's more important than that." Absolutely right... it's about economics.

The Observer

IT IS no good pretending that Hoddle has done nothing wrong. He has insulted people who deserve our admiration for their courage.

In doing so he has revealed himself as a callous and heartless oddball, frighteningly out of touch with the real world.

If English football is to retain credibility the FA must sack him now.

Sunday People

FINDING GOD is meant to lead to enlightenment. But for Glenn Hoddle he has found his religion buried in the dark ages, and based on nothing more than childish superstition.

Before he enters the afterlife of a sacked manger he should shut up.

Sunday Mirror

THERE HAVE been calls for Mr Hoddle to go. He should. Not because of what he has said, but because what he said confirms what we've long suspected: that the England coach is playing without a full team. Or, the words of Eddy Burns, chairman of Incapacity Action: "Glen Hoddle is off his rocker."

The Independent on Sunday