Monitor: All the News of the World - The Sunday newspapers reflect on the recent nail bomb attacks in London

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IF THE dangerous lunatics who call themselves White Wolves think their sick cause has been advanced by three callous bombings they are gravely mistaken. All their obscene campaign has achieved is to unite the minorities they attacked with the rest of Britain.

News of the World

WE HAVE to face the fact that the mindless extremism that has shattered innocent lives in London's Soho, Brick Lane and Brixton does exist on the outer fringes of our society. A new campaign is needed to resist intolerance and kill the poison that leads to such violence. Bigots must become social outcasts as well as legally at risk.

The Sunday Times

WHOEVER BOMBED the shoppers in Brixton, the crowd in Brick Lane and the gay drinkers in Soho may have Fascist ideas. But they are not Fascists in the old sense and can't be. The original Fascists, the original Nazis, were the armed tip of a mass movement. They represented, in many places, the majority. They spoke for millions. They don't today. Though today's bombers are attacking "minority communities", they are themselves the smallest minority of all.

The Observer (Andrew Marr)

NO MATTER with what perverted care the bombers have drawn up their hit- list, their murderous and dastardly campaign is an assault on our whole society, every member of which is a potential victim. At this time of trial, the most important majority of all - the millions of decent and fair-minded citizens - must close ranks and show their contempt for the tiny, extremist minority within.

The Mail on Sunday

THE WHITE Wolves should not be seen as "politically motivated", for they do not understand what politics is. They are horrible, hideous criminals, and they must be treated as such.

The Sunday Telegraph

THERE ARE racists and homophobes in Britain in 1999, and they are armed and dangerous. But Britain is not in itself racist or homophobic.

The Independent on Sunday