Monitor: All the News of the World - The Sunday tabloids comment on Peter Mandelson's resignation

FOR THE time being, Peter Mandelson is damaged goods. his arrogance and recklessness has done incalculable damage to the Government. And it isn't over yet.

But lessons can be learned. Honesty and humility would be two good new resolutions for New Labour.

Sunday Mirror

PETER MANDELSON had to resign from Tony Blair's Cabinet for unwisely accepting a huge loan from Geoffrey Robinson, then keeping quiet about it. But a man of his flair and commitment shouldn't be sidelined for long. An early return to government is out of the question. But there is one role he is uniquely qualified for: making sure the Millennium Dome is a roaring success when it opens a year from now.

Sunday People

IT LOOKS increasingly as though the big idea behind the "Third Way" is to have no big idea beyond that of winning and retaining power through presentation. That the very architect of the strategy has himself crashed to earth is an object lesson Mr Blair should take to heart.

The Mail on Sunday

IT WOULD be a tragedy if there were any more victims of this sorry affair. With a New Year approaching, the PM should tell his feuding ministers to get on with the business of government. We would have hoped that Labour had learned the lessons of the John Major years, that when ministers rip each other part, the Government descends into chaos and incompetence.

We expect better from this Government. The events of the past week have badly damaged confidence in its ability to deliver. So, new year, new start please.

The Express on Sunday

MAKE NO mistake, we have not seen the last of Mr M. Will he take us into Europe or pop up elsewhere on the political scene? Has he ruled out wanting to be the first mayor of London? Whatever it is, he will surely be a wiser, and humbler, man when the moment comes. And that is no bad thing.

News of the World