Monitor: All the News of the World: The Sundays give their views on who should be moved in the coming Cabinet reshuffle

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IT IS a tradition at this time of year for pundits to tell the Prime Minister how he should remodel his administration. The novelty this July has been the spectacle of ministers making their job applications in public. Frank Dobson has told the Prime Minister to leave him at health. Mo Mowlam has announced that she doesn't want to leave Northern Ireland and Ian McCartney, who's not even in the Cabinet, has instructed the Prime Minister to leave Margaret Beckett alone.

(Andrew Rawnsley) The Observer

AT RESHUFFLE time, more cautious politicians keep their mouths shut as they await the Prime Minister's bidding. If the outspoken Dr Mowlam loses her Northern Ireland brief she will have only herself to blame.

News of the World

THE PRIME Minister finds himself faced with a Cabinet reshuffle that has become far more problematic than he could have imagined. What, for instance can he do about Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam? Frank Dobson wants to stay at the Department of Health, and John Prescott has hinted that he would not welcome any attempt to break up the unwieldy conglomerate over which he imperfectly presides.

The Mail on Sunday

I HAVE never before known secretaries of state to take to the airwaves, as have Mo Mowlam and Frank Dobson, to tell the Prime Minister what they may not feel able to say to him in private: "I will not be moved." But while they sound as though they are talking tough, they are down on their knees.

(Gerald Kaufman) The Sunday Telegraph

MO MOWLAM has been conducting herself in an unseemly and deplorable way. It is one thing to signal dissatisfaction with a domestic portfolio of little importance, it is quite another if one has the awesome responsibility of bringing peace to Northern Ireland. Tony Blair should find something else for her to do. The future of Ulster is too important to be treated in a frivolous manner.

(Peter Oborne) The Express on Sunday