Monitor: All the News of the World - US press comment on the result of the Lewis-Holyfield title fight

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HAD LEWIS been awarded the victory he plainly had earned, he would be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and the title would be in control of his promoters. Instead, King remains somewhat shakily in the driver's seat. He still has two-thirds of the title at his disposal and he still has a somewhat-tarnished Holyfield. He also has a contract that ostensibly gives him the right to promote a rematch. But when he reviews its terms, he may not find the prospect so inviting.

Contra Costa Times

FOR THE second consecutive fight, Evander Holyfield looked a lot like the ageing fighter he is as Lennox Lewis pretty much had his way with him for 12 rounds before some kindness from the ringside judges rescued him with a draw. Now, it is heavyweight boxing itself that might need some rescuing after a night that was supposed to crown an undisputed champion gave way to a dawn where the titles still are muddled and mediocrity threatens to rule.

Tampa Tribune

IT WAS a draw. And a disgrace. Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield gave us a show last night. They gave the Garden a worthy fight, full of skill and heart and drama. Then the ending was a disgrace. A sham and a disgrace. This was supposed to be action that recalled the best of the sport of boxing in New York, not the worst of it, not some decision out of the days when it barely seemed to matter how the fight had gone.

New York Daily News

OF THE three worst draws I've seen firsthand, including Tommy Hearns- Sugar Ray Leonard II and Pernell Whitaker-Julio Cesar Chavez, this was the most blatant, daring daylight heist. Lewis got robbed. Holyfield, promoted by King, was in the getaway car as he later talked rematch. Why don't we resurrect that wonderful old phrase "prizefighting", because there's no such thing as "professional" boxing. Any stooge or henchman can find employment as long as you know the right crook. (Jon Saraceno)

USA Today