Response to the singer's arrest at Heathrow after allegedly assaulting a security guard
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IF THE airport over-reacted, so did Diana Ross, who attacked the wrong person. If she'd tried that little lot on in the States she could well have ended up sued by a litigious guard. Having said all that, where the diva does have cause for complaint is the manner in which she was hauled off her flight by a couple of airport Gestapo and taken into custody. That was way over the top and wholly unnecessary. Someone should have had a quiet word and explained to the woman that the law, in this country if not her own, applies to both rich and poor, the famous and unknown. They should also have told her that, in future, she should be a little more circumspect and appreciate that no one can be too careful these days.

The Sun

THERE'S NOTHING pygmies like more than humiliating the famous. And if you give someone a uniform and a modicum of authority they will always abuse it. When we talk about Nazi Germany, we like to comfort ourselves with the belief that it couldn't happen here. Believe me, it could, and one day it probably will. Yet after this ordeal, Miss Ross still had the grace to say that she thought our police were wonderful. What a star. (Richard Littlejohn)