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Speculation on Chris Evans' and Geri Halliwell's romance, which is reported to have now ended

The Sun

WHEN THE Spice Girls were at the height of their fame, Geri would be in her hotel room raiding the mini bar for sweets and stuffing her face with chocolate and junk food. Because of her honesty, I can't believe her relationship with Chris Evans is a set-up. I may be incredibly naive, but I just cannot accept that they would fake their feelings for each other just to sell records and boost viewing figures. (Lorraine Kelly)


Birmingham Post

NO, I didn't believe the Ginger and Ginger love-story when I read about it. Ginger Spice and Chris Evans, the country's two arch-publicists having a whirlwind romance and planning to marry? Do they think we're stupid or what? Anyway, it must be true because Geri's leapt to Number One now and Chris was there celebrating with her. It seems she celebrated a little too much because she had to be carried out semi-conscious. Some made a big deal out of Geri's midriff being on show after her jacket rode up. I should think she'll be more worried about the zip on her black pants being under such strain that it was failing to meet by more than an inch. Pure luck that there was no safety pin holding it together, I guess. (Moira Martingale)