Monitor: Kosovo peace talks

The world press considers the outcome of the Kosovan talks in Rambouillet
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China Daily

FOR PEACE-LOVING people, the Rambouillet deal has not defused the possibility of war in the long-standing tinder-box. We urge the parties concerned to show genuine sincerity when striving for a peaceful political resolution of the crisis. A peaceful, just and reasonable resolution to the Kosovo crisis relies eventually on the parties involved in Yugoslavia.



THE SITUATION is quite critical now. All the parties involved in the Balkans have failed to put up a united front. The contact group will hopefully succeed in bringing Milosevic to see reason and agree to the stationing of a peace force in Kosovo. This will be for an interim period and, in the extraordinary circumstances which prevail, this move can hardly be interpreted as an infringement of Serbian sovereignty.

National Post


BY BLOCKING the Kosovar delegation from accepting a reasonable settlement which would have forced the Serbs on to the defensive, the KLA has given Milosevic room to manoeuvre. He now has until the talks reconvene to eradicate the KLA in order to present a fait accompli to Nato: no KLA, no Kosovo problem, no negotiations.

Le Monde


RAMBOUILLET WASN'T a failure. It's a beginning. But time is of the essence. Back in the Balkans, fighting has recommenced. We know only too well the price a civilian population pays when at the mercy of the Serbian forces.