Monitor: Liz Hurley And Hugh Grant

When the earth shook
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Views on how the nation's most photographed couple present themselves when appearing before the cameras at public events

Daily Mail

ONCE, THE passion in their relationship was kept strictly private - with few kisses to be seen when the camera lenses were pointing at them. But increasingly Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley are seen to be puckering up in public with love scenes played out in venues from London to Los Angeles. Miss Hurley who made her name on the back of a series of revealing evening dresses - backless, sideless and slashed in every conceivable direction - caused a real stir at the event ... by wearing trousers. (Alison Boshoff)

The Mirror

LIZ HURLEY and her lover Hugh Grant have a touching relationship. And Hugh clearly does most of the touching. His latest display of affection was at the glamorous British couple's most recent movie-premiere appearance. The 38-year-old actor kept a firm grasp on Liz's arms as she threatened to spill out of her pink leather trouser-suit's top amid a glittering Hollywood gathering. But it's another part of the actress's figure that more often attracts the attention of his hands - her bottom. And at Mann's Theatre in Los Angeles, Hugh couldn't resist the temptation to pat her rump while beaming a proud smile that seemed to say: "She's mine.'' Liz hardly turned a hair. But then she is used to his cheeky little weakness by now - even though she might be getting fed up with it. Hugh has been checking out her derriere for years.

The Express

SOME MEN hold hands with their girlfriend when they go to the cinema. Others like to slip a protective arm around the shoulder or waist. Hugh Grant however, does neither. He prefers to gently rest his hand on Liz Hurley's bottom. It matters not whether Liz is wears a shimmering backless evening gown or tight fitting trousers There is one place Hugh's hand will always be. (Ian Gallagher)