Monitor: Manchester United

The Italian press considers the defeat of their team Juventus at the hands of Man Utd
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AN OUTSTANDING Manchester United has knocked Juventus out of the European Cup semi-finals. Arrogant though Alex Ferguson may be, his team are both magnificent and divine in equal measure. After the suffering of their 1-1 draw in the first leg, they managed to put on a majestic performance in Turin. And they deserved to win, thanks to the superb skill of Cole, who produced a truly wonderful display of football.


La Gazetta dello Sport

DESPITE ALL its talk about dictating the play, Juventus let Manchester United take the initiative, and was punished in the most atrocious manner. Juventus put on a mask for the Old Trafford encounter, vaunting confidence, but underneath they had a face transfigured by fear; the first headed goal by Keane revealed that. We will debate for years what led to this tactical suicide from the most experienced team that exists, but let's join in the applause of the stadium for the Manchester players. In the bitterness of a magic night, we are left with the image of a magnificent team that knew how to dare away, and in front of their worst enemies, even though they started from a terrible psychological situation.


Corriere dello Sport

AFTER JUVENTUS'S initial burst of flame, which should have reduced the English to ashes, they instead decided to sit back, hoping, or at least thinking, that they could live off that incredible lead. It was a fatal mistake, because Manchester took the match in hand, backed Juventus into a corner and showed what they know how to do best - and that's play fast, well-organised, courageous and powerful football.