Monitor: Middle Eastern comment on the progress of the Israeli- Palestinian peace discussions

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TERRORISM CONSISTS for the most part of frightful attacks on old people, women and children. Freeing terrorists is liable to be interpreted as approval of their actions. Egypt is unable to mediate between us and the Palestinians on the prisoner issue. Egypt was successful recently in hoodwinking Israel into believing that it had been a moderating influence on the Palestinians. But the fact is that the actions of Egypt and the Palestinians are carefully coordinated. For this reason, it would be wise not to shower Egypt with compliments for its role in settling the disputed issues with the Palestinians. And while the American administration is not concerned that Israel is replacing it as a mediator, individuals in the administration are liable to be unnecessarily insulted. We certainly have no interest in America delegating their power of peace-brokering to Egypt.

The Jerusalem Post

BARAK MAY think that a combination of carrot-and-stick tactics, coupled with the spinning machine of American-Israeli propaganda, may cajole Palestinians to laud whatever is given them because one lark in the hand is worth ten on the branch. But a peace imposed by force will only last for as long as the force is there. Once it is no longer there, grievances will resurface. The Palestinian people, whether those still living within historic Palestine or in the Diaspora, will not be bound by any agreement that may be signed by Arafat that doesn't restore Palestinian rights.

Palestine Times

THERE WILL never be a durable peace in the Middle East without a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict acceptable both to most Israelis and to most Palestinians. There will also never be a lasting settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without a solution to the status of Jerusalem acceptable both to most Israelis and to most Palestinians. If Israelis and Palestinians can agree - and soon - that a mutually acceptable solution for the status of Jerusalem does exist, all the other pieces in the delicate peace puzzle could still fall into place. (John V Whitbeck)

The Daily Star, Lebanon