Monitor: Middle Eastern opinion on the American air strikes

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CLINTON TRIED to close down his sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky after the first hearing by targeting Arabs and Muslims - but what if he is summoned for another hearing? May God protect us from the second round of hearings. May you enjoy your vacation, Mr President, and please don't worry about Arabs and Muslims. Ejaculate your missiles far away, and make sure that your shooting doesn't leave a stain on your dignity.

As-Safir, Beirut

THE PROBLEMS that Clinton is going through should not be solved at the expense of the sovereignty and safety of powerless Arab and Islamic nations. The real confrontation with terrorism should be in facing up to its political causes, not by sending Tomahawks from miles and miles away. The entire American arsenal will not be sufficient to rehabilitate Clinton's image and protect American interests in the world.

Ad-Diyar, Beirut

AFGHAN AND Sudanese sites were bombed to defend American dignity after a crime was committed against American interests, even though the culprits have not yet been identified. At the same time, the names of those responsible for the deaths of thousands of Muslims in Kosovo are known, while killings by Israeli terrorists in the occupied lands occur every day. Yet Israeli terrorism is backed by the United States of America, which turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to calls for help.

Al-Hayat, London

THE MOVIE [Wag the Dog] has become a reality, even if the American administration speak of "evidence" that prompted it to carry out the attacks. The timing could not be more suitable to distract the world, and especially the Americans, from Monica's scandal, especially when the enraged lady was deciding to reveal further details of her affair.

An-Nahar, Beirut

THE AMERICAN administration has acted hastily on this matter. If it has proof, it is important to present it to the world. Without proof, it is hard to accept that American military muscle can be used to kill people, and indiscriminately at that. The US cannot simply accuse, and proceed to kill.

The Yemen Times