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Justice Minister Shozaburo Nakamura was accused of taking home an explanation written by movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger about why he was not carrying a passport when he entered Japan last year. Nakamura was asked why he had not submitted the explanation to the section within the ministry that is responsible for such matters. He said he suspected the minister, who is a fan of the actor, had taken the document home to keep as a souvenir. Nakamura said his secretary had simply forgotten to submit the document. Teruya was not convinced by the minister's response. Chief Cabinet Secretary Nonaka said the matter would be further investigated.


Mail & Guardian

South Africa

THE row over Brian McMillan's use of the phrase "bowl him a coolie creeper" (to mean a delivery in which the ball runs along the ground) offers a double-edged lesson to South Africans... "coolie creeper" - with its association of servile, obsequious conduct - should be struck from the vocabulary out of respect for the Asian community. But we cannot help but feel sympathy for the great all-rounder, who is obviously not a racist.