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HE WAS welcomed at the airport by Maldives foreign minister Fathulla Jameel. Prescott, who is also the environment minister, is here to inquire into the environmental state of Maldives, and bring international focus on the problems island states were faced with due to global warming and sea-level rise.

Consequently, he is scheduled to call on environment minister Ismail Shafeeu and inquire into the environmental problems faced by Maldives. During Prescott's three-day stay here, he will go diving to see the ongoing Artificial Reef Project carried out at Galufalhu, where the reef is rehabilitated under assistance from the British Department of International Development.


Irish Times

IRISH FERRIES has said it has no plans to withdraw or amend an advertising campaign which pictures a couple driving through glorious French countryside on the wrong side of the road. The picture, which has been used across the State in poster campaigns and press advertising, features the couple in their right-hand-drive, open-topped sports car. Unfortunately for Irish Ferries, the couple depicted in the picture appear to have made the familiar, but exceptionally dangerous, mistake of not driving on the right on the Continent.