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The Times of India

HOWRAH RECENTLY witnessed a novel demonstration. Women walked backwards on its streets, to highlight the city's administration. Instead of making progress, the city is moving backwards. Bengal has always been in the forefront in devising novel methods of agitation. The memorable ones include the bursting of water melons by Ms Mamata Banerjee's supporters in public and Ms Banerjee herself once tied a chaddar round her neck and pretended to hang herself in protest against injustices suffered. This demonstration goes further because it delivers the message simply, with less melodrama and greater humour.

Sydney Morning Herald


AUSTRALIA'S ENTREPRENEURS are no longer mourning the loss of the free lunch, having set their sights on a more lucrative loophole.An increasing number of executives are reaping the tax-free fruits of five-star international travel, absolutely free, thanks to the competition between banks for credit card customers. By simply loading business expenses on to their personal credit cards, it is possible to earn hundreds of thousands of frequent- flyer points each year. The banks and the Tax Office are alarmed by what they see as an abuse of loyalty programs, but appear powerless to stop it.