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Providence Journal

United States

NEWS THAT schools and airlines are banning or restricting consumption of peanuts may take some getting used to. Perhaps those of us who had grown fond of the tradition can be converted to popcorn. But nostalgia looms. Soon, peanuts could enjoy the same aura of naughtiness as martinis and cigars and a peanut flight will be every bit as glamorous as a ride on the Orient Express.


Las Vegas Sun

United States

FBI AGENTS are hopeful a serial bank robber will be tripped up by a publicity campaign featuring a video of the man in sunglasses taken during four recent heists. The man's folly in being captured on tape has occurred in an apparent robbers' paradise. According to the most recent statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Nevada ranked No 1 in the nation for heists in 1996 with a total of 169 hold-ups.


The Times Of India

THE ELECTION to three state assemblies in north and central India is expected to be pervaded by the stench of onions and their scandalous shortage and high prices. The Congress is hoping to ride to power in Delhi and Rajasthan and retain power in Madhya Pradesh on the strength of the widespread public anger over the handling of the ongoing onion shortage.

Japan Times

SOON IT may no longer be necessary for a foreign national to provide a fingerprint when registering as a resident of this country. Fingerprinting of foreign residents has not contributed to a reduction in crime by foreigners, or had any noticeable effect on illegal immigration or workers overstaying the period specified on their visas. Japan of course should continue to take the fingerprints of criminal suspects, but the time has come to stop making innocent men and women of other nationalities feel that they are automatically associated with illegal activity.