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Hungary Report

AN ELDERLY woman spent a month trapped in her pantry in Budapest, living on bottled fruit and tomato juice. The woman locked herself in on 22 December after inadvertently pulling the handle out of the door when she entered the pantry. She was released by the fire brigade on Wednesday, after a neighbour heard her cries for help.

Cyprus Mail

A LIMASSOL man suspected of trying to shoot his psychiatrist after he was told to wait in line has been held in police custody for questioning.

The suspect was reportedly told he would have to take a seat for five minutes because there was another patient waiting to be seen. He is thought to have got tired of waiting and left. A few minutes later he returned armed with a shotgun and fired at the door to the office. The suspect is described as "suffering from psychological problems".

Times of India

FOREIGN TOURISTS to India are often subjected to exploitation. There are reports of how unsuspecting budget travellers to Agra were exploited by touts, tourist guides, doctors and hotels acting in concert to fleece the victim's medical insurance money after first inducing them to fall "mildly ill".