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Faroe Island Review

YOUNG FAROESE women should restrain from eating whale-meat and blubber if they plan to have children, a team of Faroese researchers recommended recently. The amounts of PCB contained in whale- meat and, particularly, blubber has prompted the warning because women will pass the PCB on to their children during pregnancy. It is recommended not to eat whale-meat more than once or twice a month.


Al Gomhuriya


POLICE HAD their hands full trying to manage the chaos caused by the introduction of hundreds of thousands of sheep into Egyptian households over the Eid. There was at least one ovine-related fatality - Ragab Mohammed Alam fell to his death pursuing a ram across a fourth-storey balcony on Saad Zaghloul street, in Giza (the sheep escaped but is presumed devoured).

In the Minya village of Al Ashraf Bafoa, a sheep belonging to one family burst into another family's home, triggering a knife fight that left four injured. And in south Cairo, a butcher and his two unemployed side- kicks were arrested for sheep-rustling - apparently, they managed to steal 12 unattended animals and Epounds 100,000 worth of meat and sell it before they were caught.