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Hong Kong Standard


THE RECIPE for Shenzhen duck is simple. First, clip the duck's wings. Second, toss it into a pond full of crocodiles. Then, watch the crocodiles thrash around until nothing is left but feathers floating on the water. This scene is repeated dozens of times daily at Safari Park Shenzhen, a state-owned facility that bills itself as the first safari park on the mainland. The park's brochures invite visitors to "walk and feed the lovely animals in their natural environment, feeling the experience of the wilderness". Indeed. Tourists can return a live duck to nature for 25 yuan and business is brisk. The visitors are happy. The crocodiles are happy. Today's final duck, crouched in a corner of his cage, does not look happy. But nobody is asking him.


Honolulu Star


JOHN LEWIS is on an unprecedented journey, trying to be the first to travel around the world using only human power. Aside from a pedal-powered boat, his modes of transport are a bicycle and in-line skates. He has made his way from Britain to Hawaii by way of the Atlantic Ocean. His aim is to empower children in each country he visits to follow their dreams, and to connect with youth around the world.