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WORD GOT out early about the party planned for Saturday night. It was a beer bash at $5 a head. With no parents hovering around. And the setting? A $1m-plus home, nearly finished but still unoccupied, in a secluded, affluent neighborhood in Bucks County.

Scores of teens - more than 100 - showed up to drink and party. Things got out of hand. Antics turned reckless. Before the party was over, the crowd had trashed the house, leaving $250,000 in damage. The teens smashed dozens of windows, punched holes in the walls, damaged marble counter- tops and urinated in the appliances.




A MAN arrested for hijacking an All Nippon Airways jumbo jet last month confessed that he stabbed the pilot because he would not let the hijacker fly the plane manually. The 28-year-old man now deeply regrets killing Naoyuki Nagashima, 51, the pilot, and "putting innocent passengers in enormous danger". According to investigators, the man repeatedly ordered Nagashima to fly lower. However, Nagashima kept the aircraft at 3,000 feet. The man finally stabbed Nagashima with a kitchen knife out of frustration. The man said he wanted to fly the plane manually to see the landscape.