Monitor: Opinion on Brian Lara's decision to rejoin the West Indian cricket tour of South Africa

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THE LESSONS of the last week, an experience which might well have led to the death of the spirit of West Indian cricket at the highest level, will be salutary, and those who played major parts in salvaging it may have already begun to appreciate the narrowness of its escape. It is not only cricket that was threatened. True aficionados of the game, and its meaning to West Indians, will have little difficulty in identifying meaningful parallels with the events which led to the collapse of the government of the Federation of the West Indies in 1961-62. They will not fail to notice the role played by London in the rescue operation which ensured that the South Africans will see a full-fledged West Indian cricket team in action.

The Nation, Barbados

TOURS ONLY have value in the sponsor-driven world if the big names are involved. And if they are, they soak up all the money. That's always been sports administrators' biggest problem: it would be an easy job if it weren't for the players.

Mail & Guardian, South Africa

THE WEST Indies Cricket Board owes the people of the region an apology - either for the manner in which they dealt with the players' protest, or for buckling under pressure and sacrificing discipline on the altar of expediency. In every aspect of society, leadership is of utmost importance, and good leadership is expected of those vested with that responsibility. As the body elected to govern, nothing but good leadership is expected from the WICB.

Jamaica Gleaner

LARA ACTED in a knee-jerk way for the umpteenth time in his career and acted in a confrontational way when firm diplomacy and tact would have sufficed. Broken bridges will not be mended overnight but at least a compromise seems certain and there is a collective will to get the tour moving forward again. Administrators have ruled and dominated most sports for centuries. Players may now be overreacting as a backlash against that. At least that means that common ground, or middle ground, will be found soon.

Supersport (Internet)