Monitor: Opinion on the bombings in East Africa of US embassies

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"many kenyans have lost a sense of who they are and why they exist at all. The past few years have brought in a disillusionment that has left many with little to hope for. If ever there was an opportunity for Kenyans to stop and change course, it is now. But it is going to take a new spirit of benevolence that would always place the interests of others above self. Out of the debris and ashes that remain of the horrible incident, a new nation has a chance to emerge. Out of this disaster, a new hope can be found for rebuilding the lost glory of Kenya. Let us not wait for another disaster to pull us together. Let us not slip back into the mire of hopelessness. Above all, let us not lose the opportunity to take what was meant for evil to turn it into good."

The Nation, Kenya

"as friday's attacks made uncomfortably clear, terrorism, both freelance and government-supported, is far from defeated, and American embassies remain vulnerable. Diplomatic outposts of a democracy cannot be made into indestructible fortresses. But Washington is obliged to make them as secure as possible for those who work and do business there and for their neighbours as well."

The New York Times

"unlike in many parts of the world, Americans are not disliked in Kenya, a former British colony best known in the US for its tea, coffee and spectacular wildlife. If anything, their tourist dollars are a welcome antidote for the country's ailing economy, which limps along on the strength of overseas visitors and commerce. But with Friday's attack and its fallout for Kenya's international standing, people are learning that friendship with the US can come at a high price."

The Los Angeles Times

"it's easy to place the blame for the terrorism on Iran because of its hatred of the US. But what about Iraq? After all, Hussein's intelligence service is known for carrying out terrorism and then blaming Iran. But make no mistake: Iran is the inventor of this superterrorism at the end of the 20th century. This we believe: The terrorist offensive in Africa is most likely a new move by a war-mongering type of Islam that carries the Koran in one hand and a bomb in the other."

New York Post