Monitor: Quotes of the Week

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"If women were supposed to have bushy armpits they would never have invented the lady shave."

Caprice, model (above)

"When a political party uses celebs in a serious attempt to win votes, you know they are in big trouble."

Charlie Whelan on the SNP's use of actor Sean Connery

"I was wisely seen as unsuitable."

Jeremy Paxman, broadcaster admitting he was once rejected by the Diplomatic Corps

"My objective is to do well in elections not opinion polls."

William Hague, Tory leader, when asked about his plunging ratings

"Most women I met told me they would rather swim in toxic waste than accept my invitation out."

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author

"I was rampant as a boy but now I'm too sophisticated for that."

Terry Wogan, TV personality, on kissing in the cinema