Monitor: Reaction to the latest massacre in Kosovo

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NATO HAS been caught between acting in defence of universal principles of self-determination, political pluralism and defence of law and order against an ethnic agenda pursued by the minority. The Serbs have pursued what is, for all practical purposes, ethnic cleansing while the world procrastinated, hiding under the guise of seeking an international consensus on the issue. Tragically for the hapless victims, the genocide has not abated despite the achievement of that consensus. The killings are continuing while the world and, in particular, Nato watches in apparent neutered stance. The propagators of the genocide and ethnic hegemony are pursuing their hate agenda with haste. Does Nato have the courage to stop the Kosovo slaughter? The jury is still out on this one. Nato must stop dithering and act.

The Nation, United States

A SINGLE military strike will not be a solution to the problem. Kosovo will remain an ethnically Albanian province of Serbian Yugoslavia. Some of us who were slow to grasp the dimensions of the crime perpetrated by Serbia in Bosnia are now itching to rectify that mistake by urging the United States to hit Milosevic hard over Kosovo. But everyone involved ought to understand that one air strike is not going to solve the Kosovo problem. Only independence will.

The Washington Post

IN MORE than six months of confrontation, this is certainly not the first time that stories of executions, bloodbaths and communal graves have centred over the martyred corpse of Kosovo. Diplomats, discouraged by the difficulty they have in disentangling the truth from the lies, claim that both parties have blood on their hands. To better illustrate the political impasse some simplify the equation: if the world is going to refuse Kosovo independence, it must therefore accord Milosevic the power of enforcement over his territory. Currently at the centre of the situation, the Deliaj family is not going to be that final drop of blood which affects the conscience of the world. This family is just another addition to the terrible toll of the conflict. Collateral damages, you could say.

Le Soir, Belgium