Monitor: The Jagger divorce

Reaction to the rock star's claim that he was never legally married to Jerry Hall
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MICK JAGGER may say that they weren't married, but Jerry has always behaved as if they were. The proper reward for his meanness is to have his carefully squirrelled financial empire dissected and brought into the light. What is missing is generosity of spirit and the acknowledgement of what the ex-partner has given you in terms of love and support. The irony is that if Mick Jagger only knew the real value of generosity of spirit, it would save him a great deal of money. Without it, then money is all there is. I hope the judge gives Jerry loads of it. (Lesley Garner)

The Sun

WE'VE HEARD some good excuses in divorce battles. But Mick Jagger's is a classic. Jerry can't take me to the cleaners, he says, because we were never married. He claims the wedding papers in Bali weren't legal. Don't be so Bali mean, Mick.

Daily Mail

THERE IS something pathetic in the posturing of a man who has thrown it all away because he had to prove he could perform in bed as well as on stage. Who sees nothing incongruous in a grandad behaving like a stud. Who will lose the respect of his children as surely as he will grow too old to prance around a stage. Who mistakes money for class. (Bel Mooney)

The Daily


MICK JAGGER'S breathtakingly ungallant intention to contest Ms Hall's petition spells trouble for those who believe in preserving a difference between the rights of the married and the unmarried when relations unravel. (Claudia Fitzherbert)