Monitor: The New York press on Mayor Giuliani's cancellation of a Tina Brown media party

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RUDY GIULIANI'S big mouth was back at the top of the news yesterday - in more ways than one. "No Brooklyn Navy Yard for you, Hillary" - or for the launch party for Tina Brown's new venue, Talk magazine, either - looks to be the mayoral message of the week. Taken another way, no glitzy new magazine featuring on its inaugural cover a potential Democratic candidate for the United States Senate will have a high-profile kick-off on city property. Or so says the mayor. Which begs a question: why not, for Pete's sake? Does Giuliani think that he'd be damaged if Hillary's on Talk - a joint Miramax Films-Hearst Corp venture meant to appeal mainly to people who wouldn't vote Republican if their toenails were being pulled out? If so, he's wrong. (Bob McManus)

New York Post

YOU CAN'T have your party, nah, nah, nah! Geez! Is Rudy Giuliani running scared of Hillary Rodham Clinton or what? NYC's Mayor Giuliani nixed the big Brooklyn Navy Yard bash that Tina Brown was planning for her new Talk magazine with (possibly) Hillary on the cover. Mrs Clinton, of course, may challenge him in the race for New York's Senate seat. This incredible bullying of everybody and everything that irks or threatens him hardly makes the mayor a palatable candidate for the US Senate. Or does it? Some say it was unwise to plan such a mammoth "do" before Tina Brown even knew for sure who or what was going to be in the first issue of Talk magazine. But, hey, that's La Publicite, baby. Of course it's going to be all about the party. Then we all sit down and read the magazine. (Liz Smith)

New York Newsday

A MIRAMAX spokesman accused the city of reneging on the Talk bash, which was to be held on a site where the company plans to build a $150m movie studio in a venture with the actor Robert De Niro. The Miramax mogul Harvey Weinstein joked at a bash thrown by the film company last night: "It's a good thing that the mayor doesn't know about this party or he would try to shut it down, too."

New York Daily News