Monitor: The South African press speculates on the forthcoming national elections

All the News of the World The South African press speculates on the forthcoming national elections
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AS WE enter the last week of campaigning for the June 2 General Election, South Africans should heed calls for peace and stability. There is little to be gained and everything to lose by any group that tries to sow panic among the populace at this time. Even in 1994, in that most historic of South African elections, democracy won the day. If the Spirit of '94 is carried over into 1999 and beyond, we will have nothing to fear and everything to gain. Political peace and stability are essential for the climate of reconciliation, investment, an ability to attract capital and the foreign tourists who are already making such an impact on job creation. Let there be peace!

Daily Dispatch

THE MESSAGE coming from the hustings at the moment is of a public increasingly disillusioned with the failure of their elected leaders to do anything meaningful to transform their lives. The main reason is the way the system of proportional representation has effectively disempowered individual voters. One also suspects that even the poor are getting tired of the old "blame it on apartheid" refrain. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela says the ANC has to take responsibility for much of the failure to bring about more dramatic change, a welcome shift towards political honesty from such an influential figure.

Natal Witness

THERE IS only one party that can rule South Africa and that is why The Mail & Guardian casts its vote with the ANC. The African National Congress has made a contribution second to none in creating and safeguarding the political peace in South Africa, particularly given the scale of the historical injustice that preceded democracy. It has demonstrated a moral generosity and maturity as well as the capacity to take almost the entire country along with it in pursuit of peace. We see no reason to doubt the ANC's commitment to do the same for another five years. It is difficult to suggest any party that is better qualified than the ANC to protect the liberties won at so great a cost.

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