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Verdicts on the tabloid's sudden attack on the PM over Europe

The Sun

Is Tony Blair the most dangerous man in Britain? In most respects he is a fine premier. But he seems determined to scrap the pound and take Britain into the single currency. The result could be disastrous for this country.


New Statesman

The Murdoch-new Labour alliance was of the purest kind. Like the Nazi- Soviet Pact of the late Thirties, it was based on overt opportunism on both sides. The Sun has played Hitler, and broken it first; but Blair can hardly be in the position of Stalin, shocked and disabled by the defection. The alliance was strictly business.


The Times

The attack by The Sun ... was ridiculously over the top. It said more about the internal politics of The Sun than about the gradual and still hesitant warming in Mr Blair's attitude towards the single currency. But it could mark a significant, and welcome, stage in the coming-of-age of the Blair government.


The Express

Britain's economic future is now dependent upon a cynical commercial decision made by an international media company which has not got the slightest genuine interest in our success in the economic field. It is an utterly shameful state of affairs which casts a question mark over the integrity of the Government.


The Daily Telegraph

Blair can ignore Mr Murdoch and appeal directly to Middle Britain, asking them to decide who governs the country. However, Mr Blair is a cautious man, and has invested immense personal effort in building his relationship with the Murdoch press. He will think carefully before overriding such a powerful ally on a key policy issue.