Monitor: The Sunday papers comment on Nato's bombing campaign against Serbia

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Much has been written and said about Kosovo. But after analysing it all, one thing is clear. Tony Blair is 100 per cent right to take this nation into battle. His decision to send in our forces was the only option and we should support him all the way.

Sunday People

There was no doubting Blair's resolution as he spelt out why he has sent our forces into action. The doubt left in many minds was not one of resolution, but of solution. Next time he addresses the nation he must be in a position to tell us how he and President Clinton plan to bring a swift end to the bloody conflict.

News of the World

The moral case set out by Mr Blair is a strong one but the military strategy remains unclear. At best it looks only like a holding operation, unlikely to bring about a lasting solution. At worst, Kosovo could become Europe's Vietnam. And having made the moral case, the Prime Minister now needs to make a compelling strategic case. In other words, he must convince us that this is the right way to do it.

Sunday Express

To reject diplomacy in favour of aggressive war is, to paraphrase the Prime Minister, simply the wrong thing to do. It will gain us, and the Kosovars, nothing.

The Independent on Sunday

Western unity will be at a premium in the coming weeks. Having been pushed into military action by Milosevic, we have to set aside our reservations and force him to back down.

Russia can help. In the meantime, we must keep a steady nerve. There is much yet that can go wrong.

The Sunday Times

The choices made over the next few days will be extremely risky: however successful the Nato bombing, a subsequent political disaster in Kosovo will lead to disgrace abroad and damaged morale at home. We have entered a new security era, and there is no turning back: it is the Pax Americana.

The Sunday Telegraph