Monitor: The Sunday papers react to the loss of John F Kennedy junior in a flying accident

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THE IRONIES are fierce, the juxtapositions as tragic as any we have come to expect in this benighted century.

Charmed, cursed, beautiful and Gothically dysfunctional, the Kennedy clan probably is America's royal family. And the next century will be America's. Two cliches, certainly, but it doesn't make them any the less true. This sad weekend, we can only hope that the message left by John Fitzgerald Kennedy is taken to heart by good and thoughtful Americans. His name will never rival that of his father, but his sentiments were no less honest.

The Observer

FOR ALL their wealth, power and glamour, few dynasties have suffered so much ill fortune. Yesterday, fate claimed another Kennedy. Edward Kennedy, who lost his eldest brothers too, in a World War II plane crash, asked: "Does some evil curse hang over us?"

Today, few can doubt the answer to that question

News of the World

THE WORLD is wondering whether one of America's most star-crossed families is indeed labouring under some terrible hoodoo. Not for the first time, America is praying for the Kennedys. President Kennedy was always imbued with a sense of fatalism. His favourite poem was called "I Have a Rendezvous With Death". Today America knows how prescient that was.

Sunday Business

THE CHARISMA and curse of the American royal family have both charmed and horrified the world in equal proportions since the glamourous John F Kennedy became President in the Sixties. John Kennedy junior's death, along with his wife Carolyn, comes just 18 months after his daredevil cousin Michael died in an accident. Surely this must be the final tragedy to strike the Kennedy clan.

Sunday Mirror

LIGHTNING IS not supposed to strike twice in the same place. With President Kennedy and his son it has done so, most tragically. It is unbearably sad. (William Rees-Mogg)

The Sunday Times