Monitor: The Sunday papers review the Balkans peace agreement

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IS THIS it? Is this why we spent millions bombing Serbia to smithereens? Is this why almost a million Albanian refugees were forced to leave their homes? Is this why the future of Nato and the UN was put on the line?

Is there anyone who takes an agreement by Milosovic seriously? Ignore the spin. Nato has not achieved what it set out to do. If this is a victory, the dictionary needs to be rewritten.

Sunday Express

IT IS not the end of the war. But we hope it is the beginning of the end. Tony Blair has been an outstanding leader during the war. Where Clinton wobbled, he got stronger and more resolute.

Now he must ensure that Milosevic goes on trial for war crimes. If he were to remain in power no-one will have won.

Sunday Mirror

MILOSEVIC IS not about to be overthrown by the Serbian people whose main sources of information remain are under his control.

Much of what they read and they hear is pure propaganda, of course. But - when they are told that this deal is significantly better for Belgrade than what was on offer in March - they are not being misled.

Sunday Telegraph

THIS WEEK could see peace in Kosovo. But the sorry Balkans saga will be far from over. The first problem is Slobodan Milosevic. He is still the same cruel tyrant responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths, still unpredictable. Yes we should rejoice that the war seems to be at and end. But there's still a long way to go.

News of the World

THE WAR isn't over yet. Nato has created a desert, and it would be unwise to call it peace. Slobodan Milosevic is a ruthless and wicked man; his treatment of the Albanians in Kosovo has been breathtakingly vicious.

But the fact is that the attempt by the alliance to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in the Balkans has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe.

The world today is an infinitely more dangerous place than it was on when the bombers went in.

Independent on Sunday