Monitor: The Sundays consider the end of the war in Kosovo and its consequences

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SERBIA'S PEOPLE must realise that they have a simple choice. Either Milosevic goes or they will continue to pay a heavy price in economic sanctions and political isolation.

Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia broke away. Kosovo is now partially free and Montenegro yearns to be rid of Milosevic too. The longer he spins his fantasies of victory and remains in power, the worse it will be for Serbia.

The Sunday Times

NATO HAS not "solved" the problems of the Balkans. It may never be able to do so, even with an open-ended commitment to peacekeeping in Kosovo. But Nato has brought Milosevic's campaign of genocidal violence to a halt. For that, everyone with a shred of humanity should be deeply grateful.

The Sunday Telegraph

THE NATION put its trust in Prime Minister Tony Blair to lead us when they voted him into power two years ago. Over the past 78 days of war he has proved our trust was well placed.

Sunday People

NATO'S NEW policy in the Balkans - to secure a just and honourable peace under the auspices of the United Nations - may be no more successful than its earlier policy - to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Kosovo - but it deserves wholehearted support.

The Independent on Sunday

AS OUR fighting men go about their dangerous work, Nato's political leaders must not rest until the Butcher of Belgrade has had his wings well and truly clipped.

The Mail on Sunday

TONY BLAIR has had a good war. He has emerged from the tensions and tragedies of the last 10 weeks as a proved statesman on the world stage. Now he must use some of his new-found authority to build a lasting peace.

Sunday Express

THE SMILES and tears on the faces of thousands of Kosovars tell their own story. As long as we're there, they know they'll get a fair deal. Because Britannia won't waive the rules.

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