Monitor: The trial of Ocalan

Opinion on the arrest and forthcoming trial of the Kurdish Workers Party leader, Abdullah Ocalan
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EUROPEANS, IN a single voice, have launched a campaign against the Turkish justice system that will try Ocalan, demanding a "fair trial". In the EU Foreign Ministers' statement there was no reference to the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK). It denounced terrorism but did not mention how Greece has supported terrorism. On the other hand, it made recommendations as to how Ocalan should be tried and stressed the need for a "political solution". Ankara originally expected the EU's attitude to be different. Since the EU Foreign Ministers' Council issued its statement, Ankara has raised its voice against its European friends.

Washington Post


THE EARLY accounts of Mr Ocalan in captivity have turned up the heat under Greek-Turkish relations. The Turks are angry, but not out of line, in demanding that Athens answer to the European Union for any violation of Greece's counter-terrorist obligations. It would be good to know that the citizens of Greece were making a similar demand on their own government.

Turkish Daily News

EVERYTHING IN connection with Ocalan should be carried out in the open within the limits of providing proper security for him, so that we do not give the PKK and its foreign sympathisers any grist for the propaganda mill. That is the only way to overcome the inevitable disinformation campaign that the PKK has already initiated. We should not give the impression that the legal process is a military affair, but that it is the civilian administration that will try him and prosecute him.