Monitor: The US press responds to Hillary Clinton's explanation of her husband's infidelity

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THE REASON President Clinton has been unfaithful is the childhood "abuse" he endured at the hands of his mother and grandmother, Hillary Clinton tells Talk magazine. The two women argued over how to raise him, and his "desire to please each one" apparently carried over into his adulthood and marriage, she says. "He couldn't protect me, so he lied" about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Mrs Clinton says. Whew. Silly America. Here we were thinking it was because he didn't want to get busted.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution THE PRESIDENT is "comfortable" with the views expressed by the first lady. Let's just say we're exhausted by this mess and accept that somebody is comfortable with something and leave it at that.

The Houston Chronicle

THIS IS not the first time the nation has heard Hillary Clinton's theories about the source of the President's troubles. She has blamed a "vast, right-wing conspiracy" and the Eastern establishment's bias against Arkansas. At least her latest theory is getting closer to the real source of the problem. This Hillary theory, finally, actually involves Bill Clinton.

San Francisco Chronicle

HAD HILLARY delivered this psychological profile of her man last year, the country and the world would have been spared the ugly impeachment process. There's no Republican mean-spirited enough to try to drive a President out of the Oval Office when his playpen dictated the Oval Office yakahoola.

New York Daily News

I SURELY lack the expertise in psychoanalysis to appreciate the emotional scars placed on a four-year-old boy by a mommy and grandmommy who don't get along. All I know is that everyone ought to have the kind of insightful and understanding spouse that Your Boy Bill has. What a treasure, a wife who turns a grand into a hundred grand trading commodities, then writes off her husband's infidelity to what mommy and grandmommy did in 1950. (John Brummett)

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette