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Tabloid comment on the revelation that the son

of Camilla Parker Bowles has taken cocaine

The Sun

SOME NEWSPAPERS may be run by illegal drug-users. The Sun is not. Tom Parker Bowles smugly assumes he can get away with murder. He does not face the sack. The police are taking no action. And he probably thinks the media will let him off the hook, too. That he and his public-relations buddies can keep his nasty habits out of the papers. Well, hard luck, Tom.


The Express

IF BRITAIN were a less prurient country, these would be marginal public figures, with a right to lead their own lives, make mistakes, run the usual gamut of joy and suffering behind closed doors. As it is, they represent the aspirations of millions of people, as the future custodians of what will soon be the only hereditary office left in the land - head of State; the face of Britain to the rest of the world. In that context, Parker Bowles's illegal drug-taking spells as much trouble for his mother and her princely lover as it does for him. But it is the would-be king as much as his prospective stepson who now needs to get his act together. (Anthony Holden)


Daily Mail

FOR CHARLES and Camilla, this episode could hold damaging implications. Prince Charles has already been concerned that the couple should not exploit any growing public warmth towards them. Last night, the name Parker Bowles was being whispered of in royal circles once again as one with a potential for trouble. (Richard Kay)


The Mirror

WEALTH AND privilege can buy you most things in life. Common sense is not one of them. Tom Parker Bowles is just the latest sad example of this. By indulging in illegal drugs, he has been stupid and irresponsible. If he thought he could keep his behaviour secret, he has also been hopelessly naive. But he deserves compassion as well as condemnation. Having been closely involved with drugs charities, Prince Charles's approach will be positive and practical. Hopefully, this support will help Parker Bowles mend his ways. But ultimately his future is really in the hands of only one person: himself.