Monitor: Us Airmen taken hostage

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The American press expresses its anger, and its resolve, following the capture of three US soldiers on the Serbian-Macedonian border

New York Post

WE JOIN with all Americans in wishing the soldiers a swift return home. We simply hope that the fate of the three soldiers does not become the driving force behind US policy. This is no normal administration.Time and again, it has shown itself willing to subordinate the nation's best interests to its own. If the president wants to tie a yellow ribbon to something, let it be to one of those high-tech satellite-guided cluster bombs. Let it be pointed right between Slobodan Milosevic's eyes.


Dallas Morning News

THE KIDNAPPING underscores the dangers of the US being drawn into the conflict on the ground. It is telling that even the question of who abducted the Americans cannot be answered with certainty at this time. That such questions should have to be asked only lays bare the morass into which Nato's enterprise has entered.


Miami Herald

THE CAPTURE of US soldiers and the threat of their trial today is one of the scenarios dreaded most by US political and military leaders. This, along with the ceaseless horror of refugees, pushes America ever closer to full-scale war. Milosevic bets that holding the fate of soldiers in his hands will demonstrate to Americans the risk of war. It can be hoped that this won't turn the tide of US public opinion against the war.


Delaware Times

TALES OF "ethnic cleansing" couldn't capture the attention of the US public like the photos of three young Americans in Serb captivity. Anyone who gave the situation any thought should have known that there might be casualties. We can only stand behind our troops and leaders as the mission goes forward.