Monitor: US comment on the prospective vote to impeach President Clinton

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THE REPUBLICAN leadership apparently has the power to prevent censure from coming to a vote in the House. But if Republicans mean to do this, they should acknowledge that they are exercising power to prevent the very conscience vote they claim to be holding. They should not denigrate the power and authority of the Congress under the Constitution. Censure resolutions of one sort or another have been debated on numerous occasions, and some have even been passed. While their efficacy can be debated, there is no real question of their legitimacy.

The Washington Post

SINCE CLINTON will not do the honorable thing, the House must do the right thing, which is to vote to impeach Clinton and have him tried in the Senate. This is about duty, honor and upholding the Constitution. Lying under oath is an impeachable offense. The Senate needs to have the opportunity to decide if the charges brought before the House are true. If they are, then Clinton must be removed from office.

Salt Lake City Deseret News

CONGRESSIONAL CENSURE must condemn his conduct and include an agreement that he will not seek or accept federal office after his term ends. To be held accountable means to accept the consequences of one's actions. Forfeiting future office is a consequence more meaningful than a fine, which Clinton would have others pay. Clinton can yet restore some honor to his name by coming clean with Congress and the American people.

Seattle Times

HISTORY WILL condemn the Republicans for using their constitutional powers as an instrument of partisan vengeance. [They were] intended as a scalpel for the cutting out of cancers, not for the excising of unsightly pimples. We say that from the platform of our record of consistently criticizing Clinton, his failure to lead by example and his abandonment of his constitutional duty to defend and uphold the law. He is, in sum, a man you cannot trust whether you have his handshake, signature or word on a Bible.

The New York Times