Monitor: Wedding of Victoria Adams and David Beckham

Tabloid opinion on the celebrity `marriage of the year' between the Spice Girl singer and the England footballer
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IT IS to be hoped, for the sake of the nation's future merriment, that they have set a precedent, and that the weddings of the famous will henceforth not be governed by lugubrious good manners, but be boisterous, roisterous and bawdy, unquestioned opportunities for licence. Away with overblown dresses; away with uncomfortable top hats and morning suits; bring on the motley and the Lords of Misrule and let every wedding be a Midsummer Night's Dream. And may the pox discomfort all gurus of good taste. (Brian Sewell)


Daily Mail

OK! MAGAZINE is paying them pounds 1 million for the exclusive rights to their wedding day photographs. And that's when, and I hate to write it, their story begins to lose some of its gilding. It is an unfortunate fact that one of the least romantic things in the world is a commercial proposition, certainly when it's on this scale. Suddenly the most romantic wedding in the world teeters on the edge of being the most vulgar. One dove good, one hundred not so good. (Rachel Billington)


The Mirror

I PREDICT an outbreak of fairytale weddingitis, with cooing doves (okay, budgies come a bit cheaper) and crates of pink, fizzy wine. Of course, this won't please the self-appointed style arbiters in the least. They will continue to mock those who choose to ignore the conventions of traditional wedding services.

But who cares? I'd sooner see people doing what they want, than feel compelled to suffer stuffy church services, and uncomfortable Moss Bros morning suits for appearance sake. Bring on the budgies, I say. (Sue Carroll)


The Express

ADORE US, Victoria and David said on Sunday, but pay for the privilege. Admire us, but do it from afar. Celebrate our good fortune, but do it on our terms, or not at all. They will get away with it for a while yet, but celebrity has become a seller's market and unless we stop buying into it indiscriminately then everyone, whether artist, fan, footballer or Spice Girl, will end up immeasurably poorer. (James O'Brien)