The British press considers the Tory Party and William Hague in the light of his re-launch
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The Mirror


WILLIAM HAGUE re-launched his political career yesterday - but bizarrely barred most of the media from covering the event. If this was an attempt to avoid difficult questions from or anyone else, he was disappointed. A pupil at the school he covertly visited asked him if the Tories were responsible for destroying British industry. Give that boy a gold star.


The Daily


IN OPPOSITION, a party must "make the weather". It must, as Hague would put it, set people talking around the kitchen table. But voters are not, sadly, talking much about the Conservative Party or its leader. They might, if either were prepared to make some pledges, coherently assail the Government's mistakes and even take a few risks. After all, they have precious little left to lose.

Daily Mail

EVIDENTLY HIS advisers think the greatest service Hague can do for the Tories is to stay away from the cameras. They seem to have come to the conclusion that the merest glimpse of him is enough to send voters scurrying to new Labour. Deeply unfair, of course. Hague is an excellent Parliamentary performer and quite capable of leaving Blair looking flat-footed. He would do better if he placed more trust in his own no-nonsense instincts. And less on his hapless advisers.


The Guardian

MR HAGUE is the modern Sisyphus, condemned to push a stone uphill in the knowledge that... it will soon come rolling back... When Sisyphus went to work, that was the only possible outcome. It wasn't his fault any more than the desperate state of the Tory Party today is the fault of William Hague.