Monitor: World comment on developments in the Kosovo peace talks

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DOES THE president believe that words on paper will cause either side to budge from its entrenched position? Congress can stop this misguided mission by the simple expedient of refusing to fund it. It should consider carefully how that power might be useful.

Northwest Florida Daily News, US

THE SERBS have been unreasonable by demanding that the Kosovars should sign the principles before negotiations proceed further. They created the problem by unleashing a reign of terror in this province with a population comprising 90 per cent ethnic Albanians. Now they are making reconciliation and political accommodation difficult. The atrocities committed by them could easily cause their record of war crimes in Bosnia to pale into insignificance if the war in Kosovo continues.

Dawn, Pakistan

IT IS distressing to see Washington threatening aggression against what is an independent member of the UN. It is important for the other permanent members to take note of the latest US threats, which, if carried out, will drive yet another nail into the disintegrating coffin of security and law. Yugoslavia's neighbours need to be wary of the manner in which policies are driving Kosovo towards independence.

Times of India

CLINTON HAS committed 4,000 GIs for a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. Congress should be involved before the president commits more US troops to another peacekeeping mission. Putting GIs in harm's way demands caution and approval from the people's representatives. Getting Congress's blessing should have come before Clinton promised the troops.

San Antonio News, US

KOSOVO NEED not become another Bosnia-style quagmire. The best way to prevent that is to make sure that the plan is carried out to the letter. If peace is not the result of this well-defined mission, committing our troops to patrol the streets of Kosovo is an unacceptable back-up measure.

The Free Lance-Star, US