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German responses to the World Cup draw which

put England in the same group as Germany

Bild Zeitung

SORRY ENGLAND. We must beat you again unless we're cheated again. World Cup in 1970 (3-2 for us), European Championship (3-1 for us), World Cup 1990 (4-3 for us), European Championships 1996 (6-5 for us), World Cup 1966 (4-2 for you).

Suddeutsche Zeitung

THE PANZERS will be rolling again across English newspaper columns. Footballers will be urged to strike at the evil Krauts. English papers love writing about war when the subject at hand is football, especially when the Germans are involved. And now they are up against the Germans in the qualification for the 2002 World Cup, and Germany is a rival in staging the World Cup 2006. Will England offer a deal? Funny, isn't it? No. The football functionaries must strive for a friendly atmosphere, otherwise things can get dangerous. A heated atmosphere nurtures hooliganism and violence. For the hooligans, this is not about fun. They really are playing war.


SORRY ENGLAND - you will cry again. For over 33 years Germany always has won the big matches.