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The first and last records bought by babybird frontman stephen Jones

First record bought:

A SEVEN-INCH on sea-blue vinyl which my parents are keeping for me. It's a collection of Maori folk tales set to music, telling such tales as "Whale Gods and Tani" and "King of the Forest". I lived in New Zealand as a child and our dog, a collie, was called Tani. She's dead now, and the record reminds me of her.

Last record bought:

A pounds 4.49 COMPILATION of Arvo Part's works. It is a collection of his simplest and most powerful compositions. This has very simple piano refrains and use of voices. He is an Estonian composer for which I can find no comparison, except maybe Gregorian chants, but more beautiful. It reminds me of silence, of being away from cities and totally alone.

Babybird's album `There's Something Going On' is released on 24 August.