Music: Riffs - The first and last records bought by Keith Duffy from Boyzone

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First record

Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Whitesnake

Whitesnake are an old-school rock band, and it's a style this track represents very well. AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana, Anthrax and Bon Jovi: these were my influences. And I hid from other types of music while I was a young boy. Wearing black was important, as was the repeated playing of the same track. The older I got, the heavier side of rock'n'roll I sought out. I grew up in a traditional Dublin environment; a hard, working-class background. My mother looked after us and we lived on a standard housing estate. In the house we'd set up the drums, plug in the amplifiers and have a jamming session, and it'd crack the plaster on the walls of the flat - at times, quite literally.

Last record

The Best Club Anthems, Ever

The Fatboy Slim tune, "Praise You", was the reason behind my buying this dance compilation. I think if Norman Cook had released that record, two years ago, everyone would have thought it was just a load of rubbish. It's a feel-good dance tune; a great song, which has everything there and evidence of a wide range of influences.

My own CD collection contains an incredible variety of musical styles. The Animals feature a lot, as do Simon and Garfunkel, The Eagles, U2, Eric Clapton, and contemporaries such as Fatboy Slim, Robbie Williams and Enigma.

When you are in a band it's hard to keep abreast of the music scene, and lately I have made an effort to buy music and appreciate what I get from music: influence, enjoyment, different ideas.

Before I was in Boyzone I was interested in the club scene, but now that I have found that special person I am not so interested in going out. It might be lazy, but these days I am much happier going out to a nice restaurant.

But I always go home and put on Club Anthems. Music isn't just good on the ear - it's a lifestyle.

`Boyzone: Greatest Hits' (Polydor) is out next month