Music Riffs: The first and last records bought by Mica Paris

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First record:

Tom Browne's `Funkin' for Jamaica'

IT'S A classic, such a great funk tune. What appeals to me is the layers on the funk as opposed to just a groove. The bass guitars and horns are unbelievable; they accentuate the tune with powerful moments.

It is orchestral like an Earth Wind and Fire tune; highly intelligent funk. The horn lines are written in such a dynamic way - in the beginning they take time, but it then slides in to a big band sound. When you listen, you feel as if you are in the room and they are making it then and there.

It has lasted the test of time and become one of those tunes that people still drag out. It reminds me of partying in secret. Breaking all the rules.

We played this before we went out when I was trying to rave with people at school. I would creep out of the window and put make-up on down the street to avoid bumping into my parents.

Last record:

Brandy: `Angel in Disguise'

It's a great track. I like it because it makes me feel warm inside, really light and happy. It's a very sexy song that reminds me of being in love. I like its "soul meets drum and bass".

It is also interesting, I think, because music is moving towards a new simplicity in the vocals and beat. Brandy has a lovely voice. This is a very reflective tune about taking it easy from the rat race. It's soft soul, very simple, with a nice tempo alongside her beautiful voice.

It's good to hear: the voice is such a precious instrument that there shouldn't be too many things hammering it down. The age may be coming when there is a marriage between real voices and real music. I listen to this indoors in a quiet time after cooking; the dishwasher is on and I gaze out the window and think about life.