Music Riffs: The first and latest albums bought by Petula Clark

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Peggy Lee

Black Coffee

She is not a jazz singer in the traditional sense: for example, she wrote music for the film Lady and the Tramp. Music means a lot of things to me - fun, or spiritual - I am not stuck in one particular groove. Eventually, and myself sang together, which was terrific, and I even managed to get her to sign a copy of this record.

Zac Pellman and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Elgar's Violin Concerto in B minor

It's an extra thrill to hear Zac play because of a strange meeting we once had. I was in a bookshop in New York when a man in a wheelchair appeared - Zac! I said I adored him, and he said he loved my work as well. I was blown away. His music always evokes a wonderful warm character - like the man himself.

Petula Clark's `Downtown '99' (Joe Boy Records) is out on Monday